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Bella, Bosnian rescued pup, visits Lovelight Photography

Ever wondered what your life would be like not having a voice! We would like to share the story of Bella, a recused pup from Bosnia, now living the life in the UK.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is a country with a significant stray dog problem. There are over 11,000 stray dogs living on the streets of Sarajevo; unwanted litters of puppies are born every day and lead miserable lives on the streets. The main source of stray dogs is abandonment by owners, and so raising awareness on the importance of responsible dog ownership, and in particular about neutering, is critical.

Bella was on the streets Bosnia fighting for her life, she got picked up by Snoopy Dog’s Rescue in Romania. She was weeks from dying. Snoopy Dogs Rescue advertised her to have a loving home on the Facebook site. Charly and Barry fell in love with her and Bella was put on a transit van and driven all the way to England. This is Bella today, a far cry away from the sadness of Bosnia. She made her way into the Lovelight studio for a photoshoot. Look at her now.

About Snoopy Dog Rescue

Founded in October 2013, Snoopy Dog Rescue is committed to helping dogs in Romania, & some Bosnia dogs in need. They are given full rescue back up in the UK. Snoopy Rescue UK have a spay/neuter programme set up in Arad. They provide aid/food where most needed through various fundraising events.

They have formed a collaboration with an Austrian NGO Wienerfellnasen who between them have successfully mediated with Danyflor Shelter in Timisoara, forming the DNF project to bring about positive change for the shelter dogs, including supplying food, medicines and adoptions.

What can you do?

  • Find out more at ifaw.org/dogsbosnia
  • Support Snoopy Dog Rescue and IFAW’s work to help communities help themselves
  • Ask other charities to address the causes of street dogs, not just the symptoms
  • Get involved; volunteer, foster, donate or adopt