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Family Photoshoot Preparation Tips & Tricks

Thinking of creating some family memories that you’ll cherish forever? At Lovelight Photography we understand that most people don’t like having their photo taken which is why we pride ourselves in bringing out the best in families with fun and relaxed photo sessions.

Here are our top 3 tips & tricks to remember when preparing for a family photoshoot:

  1. Express yourself and tell a story
  2. Let kids be kids and be silly with them
  3. Have a little fun and be personal


1. Express yourself and tell a story

From our experience the best way to make the most from your session is to make sure the whole family gets involved. The session is not about sitting and posing, it is about capturing precious time with the family. We take a whole range of different images, whatever it takes to tell your story. We love images that show WHO you are not just what you look like. Whether you’re into music, sport, or just having fun together, we will build around these ideas to make a portrait that captures the unique personality of your family.  Our photographers take a variety of different combinations allowing you to choose the best pics to be framed.

de Roche silly family photoshoot

2. Let kids be kids and be silly with them

Making the most of your child’s goofy quirks and inhibitions all contribute to a great family shoot. However, tapping into YOUR inner child and being silly with your kids allows them to feel at ease and means that you will get some even quirkier images. Preparing children for a family shoot is vital so make sure your child is well rested and has enough toys and snacks to prevent a meltdown. If your child is below the age of 5 we recommend having your shoot done before 5pm midweek or alternatively weekends.

de Roche quirky family photoshoot

3. Have a little fun and be personal

To make things personal & fun we try to capture a family moment in action. So, bring in props, games, anything goes, the more personal the better. Images from books and magazines can really help to give us an idea of who you are and what you enjoy. Our team of photographers will put you at your ease and ensure we capture special images for you. Also, do not forget about incorporating man’s best friend into your shoot to make things a little crazier.

de Roche props family photoshoot

This is what the de Roche family had to say about their recent family shoot:

‘What a wonderful experience I recently had with Lovelight Photography: I came with my two kids, aged 16 and 4, and the photographer was absolutely brilliant throughout! Funny, calming, really helped us to get into the spirit of the shoot. When we came back to choose the photos, we were astounded at how many wonderful pics we had to choose from. But again, Becky was fantastic in assisting us to make the right choice. I thoroughly recommend this company.’ Damien de Roche

When you book your session with Lovelight, we will chat through any ideas you may have and help you plan your shoot to make sure you get the most from it.

Contact us today on 01483 237300, email info@lovelightphoto.co.uk or send us a message on Facebook.